The following boxes were personalized to the interests of the recipients, showing the wide range of subjects that be depicted with inlay. A person’s initials can be inlayed along with an image of something that they like. It makes the box special to them. They know that it was built and meant specifically for them.

Turtles and initials on top

Side - motorcycle

As can be seen, motorcycles and turtles are the themes for one of the boxes. The Frogs inside the box contain a tiny battery with LED’s that blink (although I couldn’t catch the “blink” in the photograph). The deal was that she had to wear the earrings at least once, in the dark, at a party, in order to keep the box. Given her ability with a smile bordering on a grin, this was no hardship.

Interior with frogs

The themes for the other box are motorcycles and the far north. The recipient is an outdoorsman who is quite familiar with the far north.

Top and side - Compass what-not box

Box Top - Abalone Inukshuk

The wood for both boxes is Bubinga and the inlays are a combination of gold mother of pearl and abalone.

Interior with compass