This is a three part exercise in inlay. All three parts, the headstock, the fingerboard, and the bridge have southwestern themes to them.

Western themed Headstock and fretboard

Bridge with howling woves

The headstock with its buffalo skull in an Indian stylized circle consists of seven pieces, four of which are abalone and three of which are pearl. They fit together quite nicely, don’t you think ?

Headstock Inlay - Buffalo skull

The fingerboard has a steer skull in the 1st fret, a Kokopeli in the 3rd fret, two thunderbirds in the 5th fret, geometric designs (Navaho ?) in the 7th and 9th frets, two buffalo skulls in the 12th fret, and more geometric designs in the 15th and 17th frets.

Western fretboard - 1st fret is on left

Here’s the steer’s head.

1st fret - Steer's head

Kokopeli (3rd fret) is a mischievous Hopi deity, who presides over fertility, children and agriculture. He is known to be a trickster.

3 rd fret - Kokopeli

The thunderbirds in the 5th fret have their place in many Indian legends, including those of the Pima Indians, the Yaqui Indians, the Sioux and others. They told of a giant bird whose wings created thunder and whose beaks emitted lightning.

5th fret - Thunderbirds

Here’s a picture of the 7th, 9th, and 12th frets – different but all with a southwestern theme.

7th 9th and 12th frets

Finally, the bridge has a pair of pearl wolves baying at the sky. Sort of goes with the territory. Here’s a a closeup of one of the wolves.

Wolf - baying at the moon