At some point in 2010 I volunteered to write some articles about the art of inlay for a newsletter that’s published by the Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Music Association. The articles were to be succinct, (about 500 words) with one or two photographs, not a lot of room to do any kind of indepth coverage of the art, or the artists, that work in the field. After the first couple of installments, where I wrote about why I like and appreciate  the art, an idea occurred to me to do a virtual internet tour of some of the artists that work in this medium, and to direct the readers to the artist’s websites for more information. The articles, short as they are, could then concentrate on one or two aspects or pieces of their work and the reader could go browsing if they want more. To view the articles, just click on Inlay Artists and then on the artist of your choice. As more articles are written, they’ll be included in this list.