Another great breakfast – fruit then poached eggs on toast with bacon. Coffee was excellent as well. I could really get used to this.

On the way to CPL, I took some photos of an abandoned silo. Dave & company have an imaginative story of aliens and super gravity surrounding the silo …….see the photo in the slideshow for a larger image.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth

I arrived at CPL and took the rest of the tape off the Florentine cutaway tip, where it had been used to hold the purfling and binding while the Duco cement dried. Then I sanded the cutaway with 120g, 180g, and 220g paper. Next I wetted down the sides with moist paper towels to raise the grain. The reason moist towels were used as opposed to directly spraying the sides was because we wanted to seal the wood that day and it would have taken several hours to dry, had it been sprayed directly. I sanded to 320g before putting it aside for epoxy sealing.
There was a lull in activity so I cut some abalone for the bridge.

About 10:30am Lee started on the sealing process. First he taped a box with a base cut in the shape of a small guitar onto the top of my guitar body, then turned the combination over so that he could easily get at the elevated back and sides. He mixed up a batch of syrupy System Three epoxy filler. It was then applied with a stiff rubber spreader and finally hand rubbed into the wood. The really brought out the colour and grain. Not as orange as the guitars that I’d previously seen at the Montreal guitar show, but still nice. Next I lightly sanded the neck and headstock and Dave sprayed it with lacquer.

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I left a bit early to go to Dicks confectionary, gun, and guitar store on route 11, smack dab in the middle of windmill territory. One just doesn’t expect to see such a large stock of guns (he has a thousand of them), and guitars (500), on such a lonely, out of the mainstream location. But it’s there, and it’s still surviving as a business, even in this recession.

Windmill territory, and home to Dick's confectionary, gun, and guitar shop