A Baritone Ukulele

Here is a Baritone ukulele that I’ve recently completed. It started out as an idea for a different sound, and truth be told, one of the main attractions was that it would be relatively easy to learn how to play. That is – I could transfer my guitar playing skills (such as they are) to playing the baritone ukulele without having to learn a whole new set of chords.

At the same time I wanted to wind up with something “special”, hence I would practice my inlaying skills and create something fairly unique. So I bought a fairly nice ukulele that already had “prettiness” built in. It’s an Oscar Schmidt OU55CE baritone ukulele, and had a good touch right from the start. It also sounds good, either just by itself or plugged into an amplifier. My contribution to the “prettiness” was the inlaying of the fretboard and the bridge. I’m also in the middle of doing a series of mini articles that describe the process of inlaying the neck and bridge. You’re welcome to visit them by clicking on “Guitars and Such” at the top of the page, then on “My Baritone Ukulele”. A series of articles will then appear entitled Step 1, 2, 3 etc.

For now here’s a couple of photographs of the completed ukulele:

The finished Uke

The Ukulele Lady

A Seahorse adorns the Bridge

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