Stick Display Plaque

Recently I came into possession of a stick with some writing on it. The stick was taken from a beaver dam on Bennet lake in 1973. It so happens that my wife is related to the people that had a cottage on Bennet Lake and I thought they would like to have the stick as a memento of that cottage.

A stick from 1973

But the question in my mind was how to display that stick. Finally I thought of a simple wall plaque that could be hung from picture hangers. Then I thought that some inlay on the plaque would look good, so I did a little research to find images of woodsy critters, including an industrious beaver and a rabbit which really look good inlayed into the walnut plaque.

Below is the finished plaque with three coats of Tung oil on it.

This will look good on any wall

You can see the making of the plaque in “My Work” under the heading “A Stick Display Plaque”.

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