Progress on 2nd guitar – May 09th to 11th

This is the short version. Brevity is what most people appreciate, but the true diehards that want all the gory details are welcome to click on “Guitars and a banjo” (home page) then “A second GWND guitar” and finally on “2nd guitar – 5th, 6th, and 7th installments”.

On Monday May 09, 2011, I was able to go to Malone NY to hopefully make progress on the guitar I was building. The first day was a very productive one, and five things were accomplished.
1 – Insert abalone dots as fret markers on the neck binding.
2 – Seal the neck
3 – Finish binding the Florentine cutaway.
4 – Fix the pickguard.
5 – Sand, Sand, sand

Here are a few highlights:

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