There’s always lots to do

Some time ago I cut the pearl, routed the cavities, and glued up a fretboard for a special guitar that I someday wanted to build. I wanted it to be fairly highly decorated so, in addition to the fretboard, I also inlayed a bridge, and a headstock. If you’d like to see the fretboard Go to the “My Work” page and click on the “Martin Tree of Life” page for pictures of it. I also inlaid a headstock and a bridge – they are also shown under the “My Work” page.

I’m now in the process of designing a pickguard, and cutting the pearl pieces for inlying into it.

And, in a short while I’ll be heading down to Custom Pearl Inlay in Malone, New York, to begin work on the new guitar. I’ll be bringing along a camera and will post pictures as the building of the new guitar proceeds.

Here’s a quick picture of the inlaid bridge.

A tulip on the right half of a guitar bridge.

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